(6,150-Word Guide) How to Naturally Raise Testosterone: For the 20-Something Man

How to naturally raise testosterone..?Every guy I know wants to have high testosterone. It's the ultimate masculine ideal. It's a corollary to being strong, buff, manly, powerful, alpha, attractive and whatever else a guy might aspire to be.Unfortunately, that runs opposed to most of modern … [Read more...]

Why Chiang Mai is the Best & Worst Place for Digital Nomads (Depending On Your Situation)

Chiang Mai is pretty much Digital Nomad Mecca. It tops most people's list of the best place for a Digital Nomad to live and work, and for good reason. I've spent about 6 months of this year in Chiang Mai and it is great. I have written about it my time there before: here.It's (very) cheap, … [Read more...]

Supercharge Your Productivity: Modafinil, Coffee and intermittent fasting 

Monday. Ubud, Bali.12.30pm: I jumped out of bed at 8. Checked the time on my iPhone, chugged a liter of water and took an ice cold shower. Threw on some shorts, a t-shirt, and was in the coffee shop for 8:30am.So far I've written approximately 4500 words.Pretty good output? Here's … [Read more...]

37 Technical Tips for Stronger Muscle Contractions (more muscle growth)

The previous article, '33 Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Be Instantly Stronger' was a popular post, so I thought I would do another. This time with a focus on muscle growth and stronger muscle contractions.  Read on for 37 technical tips for stronger muscle contractions and more muscle growth. All broken … [Read more...]

(8 Tips): How to do cold showers

Cold showers have many benefits. They're a great way to wake you up in the morning and get the blood flowing. It builds discipline, self-control and tolerance of discomfort. They raise testosterone and speed metabolism...Sounds great, but if you've never done it before (or even if you have), … [Read more...]