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100 x 100 workout

My favourite workout at the moment is a super simple one that you can do anywhere. I call it the 100 x 100 workout.

I’ve done it in 3 different gyms and 2 outdoor locations so far..

The workout is:

100 pull up/chin ups
100 dips
As fast as possible…

Phil Hawksworth chin up

I change my grip every set on the pull ups and today did dips with fat grips and an additional 5kg.

Total time for 100 reps of each was 24:45

The 100 x 100 workout scales, for example you could do a 50 x 50 workout or whatever is a challenging but achievable number for you.

The dips were much easier than the pull ups for me, even with the additional weight. I’ll use 10kg next time and see if I can beat the time I set today.

Phil Hawksworth Dips

Have a go and let me know your time in the comments…


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