What Is The Introverted Man?

To Become The Introverted Man We:

Master Body & Mind

Fitness, health, and a positive mindset are the foundations of a good life. They are the base of your pyramid for success, and make everything else that follows easier. The starting point for living a better life is mastery of your own mind and body.

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Master Social Skills & Relationships

As introverts we interact with the world differently. It's important for us to recognise this, and tap into our unique powers, to be able to have fulfilling relationships, feel socially confident, and be happy. 

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Build Your Own Business & Become Free

Having freedom and control of your economic destiny is key to long term happiness and success. Build your own business, make more money, and be free to travel the world.

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Pursue Intellect & Spiritual Meaning

After becoming successful in the previous areas you have all of the time and freedom in the world to pursue intellectual activities, spirituality, discovery, and meaning. This is a luxury after your basic daily needs are fully taken care of.

My Story:

Once upon a time...

In the not too distant past, there was a young man...

He walked around, dragging his feet. Looking down at the floor.

Shoulders slumped forwards. Pasty, frail looking...

​You could see that he carried a lot of dissatisfaction in his body, by the way he moved.

The shy, awkward boy who lacked confidence is dead.

He was killed in the gym. 

​The man that emerged is very different.

Commanding presence. Girls going dizzy for him... ahem, me...

Most importantly, FREE.

Free from ​the anxiety that pulled me down in social situations.

Free from the frustration and loneliness of not being able to talk to girls.

Free from turning up day after day to a miserable job.

Free from feeling invisible.​

Free from the negative attitude that used to own me.​

Free from spending all my free time on pointless internet forums, too shy to socialise. ​

Free from being angry at the world, blaming circumstance for my failings. ​

You can completely reinvent your life...​

It starts by mastering body and mind...

Building the physique, and the mentality to become 'that guy'. ​

The guy that is happy.

The guy that is respected.

The guy that gets the girl.​

The guy that is free.​

Mastering your mentality and physicality makes it all possible.

The social skills and becoming attractive come next...

Understanding your nature as an introvert, and making it a strength...

Having good friends, fulfilling relationships with women, and the confidence you've never had before...

Start your business, make more money...

Achieve your freedom, work your own hours, travel the world...

Be in control of your life, answer to nobody..​


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