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The Best *First Time* Online Business [Online Freelance Business]

What if you woke up tomorrow morning and got a push notification on your phone from Paypal. You opened the app up and saw a couple of hundred dollars appear in your account…

It had been magically wired there through this insane technology we call the internet, by a guy hundreds of miles away…

He’d sent it to you in exchange for work you are going to do sat on a comfy sofa in your local coffee shop, or maybe even at home in your pajamas.

Sounds good right?



Contrast that with either of these two scenarios…


Alternate Scenario 1

You started creating your digital product 3 months ago. You’ve been writing blogs, producing YouTube videos, posting daily to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

You have 7 subscribers on your email list, and a few dozen on YouTube.

You’ve beavered away quietly for weeks, creating this awesome product you’re going to sell. Your following will grow, you’ll be famous in your industry and the cash will start rolling in…

Except, it never does…

You spent months putting this course together, and nobody buys it. It’s like you’re shouting into the void, and you don’t even know why nobody is buying it.

Are enough people seeing it? Do they just not understand how valuable it is? Do you need a better website? New videos?

It’s been 3 months that you haven’t been paid now. You’ve invested a couple of thousand into your business, and nothing has come back. Motivation is waning. Self-doubt creeps in…

“Can I do this?”

“Is it worth it?”

“Dave just got a promotion and bought that brand new BMW, and I’m here counting pennies, cutting back on Starbucks, because my dream online business isn’t paying me”.


Alternate Scenario 2

You flew out to China to check out factories and see how this hot new product is made.

They sold you sufficiently well on the huge returns people are making by drop shipping this product to customers in the US, so you went ahead and invested in it.

It cost around $10,000 dollars to get the website, inventory, shipping, and everything set up, and took around 3 months, all in.

It was stressful as all hell, with branding, coding the website, designing the packaging, market research, product testing, generating customer reviews ready for when you launch…

Eventually everything was ready, so you went ahead and put your product live. You started running Facebook and Google Adwords traffic to your sales page…

And it flopped.

Nobody was buying fidget spinners anymore.

There was a new fad that people were making millions on, but now you know from experience that in the months it takes to get everything set up, the trend will have passed.

Oh, and you spent the majority of your savings getting this business set up. Now you’re broke, worried about what to do next, you only have a couple of months living expenses left and might have to go get a new job…


Which reality do you want?

Having your own brand, following, and products is awesome.

So is having a passive product business where you don’t have to deal with clients or do much maintenance work, once everything is set up.

…and I’m not saying you shouldn’t want to do those things. That would make me quite the hypocrite, considering where you are reading this…

What I am saying, is that they are not a good place to start.

The chance of failure is super high. Especially so if you’ve never been in business for yourself before. Even more so if you don’t have any sales or marketing skills.

Even if you do succeed, it’s going to take at best a few months before you ever make any money. More likely years. Most entrepreneurs fail about 10 times before they succeed.

You’re going to spend thousands in upfront costs, or you’re going to go for extended periods of producing work for free, before you can monetize.

Can you hack that? Are you prepared to do that? Do you have the savings for it?

…Why not start making money from day 1?

Without the risk of failure, without any start up costs, without any long term commitments…


Start an online freelance business…

An online freelance business will be profitable from the day you start it. There are zero costs, and finding clients is a million times easier than selling a product to consumers will ever be.

That’s not to say it’s easy. Or that it doesn’t require work… It does.

You can definitely still fail, if you make the stupid mistakes freelancers usually make…

But the opportunity is there. You can succeed in a freelance business, and quickly, no matter where you are starting from.

Start an online freelance business because:

  • Start up costs are zero
  • You can start today…and potentially get your first client today
  • You can start on a freelance platform that is jam-packed full of clients already looking for the service you will offer
  • The freelance platform offers trust and credibility so clients have no concerns about paying you
  • The job is determined up front, money is placed in escrow, and when it is finished it is finished. No refunds, complaints, or anything else you have to deal with in a customer-product business
  • You likely already have the skills needed to succeed
  • You can get paid to learn and improve your skills, to leverage into better opportunities
  • You’re free to work on other things on the side (like the brand/product business)

If you want to hear a bit more about my journey into an online freelance business I recorded a series of podcasts with Will at Revolutionary Lifestyle Design where we spoke about why the freelance business is the best place to start, and how I evolved what I did multiple times.

Starting with Personal Training, going into online coaching, then freelance writing, and finally into marketing (all freelance service businesses, the latter 3 online).


What can I do using the skills I already have?

The best online freelance business to start is one that uses skills you already have. This allows you to start making money from day 1.

I gave one example in the video, but you can find all the different freelance businesses you could start based on your skills by clicking here.

In the next part of this series I will be detailing exactly how to get set up on a freelance platform and start applying for jobs immediately. Watch for the next release in a couple of days.


Freelance to Freedom…

Yes! I want to gain freedom and control of my life with my own online freelance business… Using the skills I already¬†have to be profitable from day one! Please notify me when the course is ready…


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