Cafe for Working - Khao San Road Cafe, Bangkok (for digital nomads) - Phil Hawksworth
a couple of years ago

Cafe for Working – Khao San Road Cafe, Bangkok (for digital nomads)

I just arrived in Bangkok this morning and was in dire need of a cafe, for a decent coffee and a spot to work from. Staying at Khao San Road is not ideal for working. There’s loads of cafe’s and co-working spaces around the Sukhumvit area as detailed here, on Nomadic Notes.

However, around the backpacker end, there is not much information available.

I ended up walking around for about half an hour looking for a coffee shop that actually had seats (as opposed to just a stall on the side of the road or hole in the wall) and wasn’t Starbucks (because they don’t have wifi in Thailand).

Khao San Road Cafe for Working

I eventually stumbled on a great little place called Carbony Coffee Roasters. The address is: 140-142 Phra Arthit Road.

khao san road cafe for digital nomad

The coffee is excellent, reasonable price and the wifi is fast. The seats are comfy and there’s a good amount of plug sockets for your laptop. There’s maybe only 10 seats, but nobody else is here but me – so not pushed for space. The comfier seats are upstairs.

It’s a good little spot, with good wifi and pleasant decor. I could happily work from here for a couple of days. Check it out if you’re looking for a cafe to work from in the Khao San Road area.

khao san road cafe for digital nomad

How I find cafe’s to work in

I’m a huge fan of the ‘Work Hard Anywhere’ app. It’s pretty new, so isn’t fully up to date with all of the cafes, but is an amazing little resource. I always make sure to update it when I’m in a spot that it doesn’t already recognise. You can check it out here (it’s free). 


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  • Depends a little on the time of day and branch, but Starbucks can be pretty neat, especially since most SIM cards with internet/wifi also give you access to their wifi at no extra cost (have to select your phone provider from the drop down menu on their login page).

    The ones in touristy areas tend to be a bit more crowded, in other parts of town (e.g. Mediplex) they’re super empty.

  • Ruby

    Thank you so much for this post! I am staying at Khao San road right now and totally checking this cafe out today!

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  • Riekus Ritskes

    Couldn’t find this one anymore. Across the street there is a nice coffeeshop with niceach open area outside

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