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7 Reasons Not To Do A Ketogenic Diet

keto diet

The ketogenic diet is super fashionable right now, is it the holy grail? Afraid not… While every fitness guy with an internet connection seems to be promoting it, it’s just an overrated fad. Here’s 7 reasons you’d be better off not following a keto diet.

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Shoulder CARS: For Shoulder Control, Mobility & Rehab

Shoulder CARS & Hanging

Have a niggly shoulder? Or just stiff through the shoulders and lacking mobility for overhead work? With the techniques described in this post, you can increase shoulder mobility, control, stability, and injury-proof your shoulders. We’re going to be using a combination of hanging and a technique called CARS. Which stands for Controlled Articular RotationS. Who […]

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Why Fitness is Self-Improvement Ground Zero

Fitness is self-improvement ground zero

Fitness is self-improvement ground zero. Want to live a better life? Fitness is the most obvious place to start. It brings the greatest returns, for the least amount of effort. It is accessible to anyone, you can start immediately and will start to see results in a short time frame. Even better, the skills, behaviours, […]

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