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The Ultimate Guide To Naturally Raise Testosterone: For the 20-Something Man

how to naturally raise testosterone

How to naturally raise testosterone..? Every guy I know wants to have high testosterone. It’s the ultimate masculine ideal. It’s a corollary to being strong, buff, manly, powerful, alpha, attractive and whatever else a guy might aspire to be. Unfortunately, that runs opposed to most of modern society. You can make the argument that the […]

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37 Technical Tips for Stronger Muscle Contractions (more muscle growth)

Phil Hawksworth Squat

The previous article, ‘33 Tips, Tricks and Hacks to Be Instantly Stronger‘ was a popular post, so I thought I would do another. This time with a focus on muscle growth and stronger muscle contractions.  Read on for 37 technical tips for stronger muscle contractions and more muscle growth. All broken down by body part. General […]

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Modafinil Workout: How Does Modafinil Affect Your Workout? Training While On Modafinil (Strength training, bodybuilding)

Modafinil workout If you’re new to Modafinil you can read about my experiences here. So, how does Modafinil affect your workouts? For me, it is most definitely a performance enhancer. It has a number of positive effects on my workouts which I will discuss here, along with a couple of considerations to be careful of. As […]

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