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Lessons from a Cambodian Bodybuilding Gym

Phil Hawksworth - Lessons from a Cambodia Bodybuilding gym

Travelling and training in different places around the world will open your eyes to some things you might not have realised in your normal home environment. Here’s 7 observations I made from a month in a Cambodian body building gym. Your genetics are better than you think: I’ve never been especially blessed on the genetics front. […]

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Coffee and Intermittent Fasting for Fast Caffeine Metabolizers

Intermittent fasting, for the uninitiated, is where you alternate between a period of fasting and a period of feeding. The feeding window is usually compressed in to 8 hours or less. Other variations include a full 24 hour fast once a week. Read the Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting here. I use intermittent fasting almost […]

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