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How to Create a Pre-Gym Routine for Better Focus & Training Sessions

create a pre-gym routine

What do you do immediately before you start training? If you don’t have a specific pre-gym routine, you’re missing a trick… The Benefits of a Pre-Gym Routine The purpose of your pre-gym routine is to get into the best state for the coming training session. Being in the correct state will make you more focused, […]

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Mindset = Fitness Results

Getting results in fitness; losing fat, building muscle and getting strong… It’s not about which workout program or diet plan you’re following. Only considering those factors is like saying you want to 10x your income, but only looking at how many hours you work as a way to achieve this. Sure, you might be able […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Naturally Raise Testosterone: For the 20-Something Man

how to naturally raise testosterone

How to naturally raise testosterone..? Every guy I know wants to have high testosterone. It’s the ultimate masculine ideal. It’s a corollary to being strong, buff, manly, powerful, alpha, attractive and whatever else a guy might aspire to be. Unfortunately, that runs opposed to most of modern society. You can make the argument that the […]

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