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Shoulder CARS: For Shoulder Control, Mobility & Rehab

Shoulder CARS & Hanging

Have a niggly shoulder? Or just stiff through the shoulders and lacking mobility for overhead work? With the techniques described in this post, you can increase shoulder mobility, control, stability, and injury-proof your shoulders. We’re going to be using a combination of hanging and a technique called CARS. Which stands for Controlled Articular RotationS. Who […]

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The Ultimate Guide To Naturally Raise Testosterone: For the 20-Something Man

how to naturally raise testosterone

How to naturally raise testosterone..? Every guy I know wants to have high testosterone. It’s the ultimate masculine ideal. It’s a corollary to being strong, buff, manly, powerful, alpha, attractive and whatever else a guy might aspire to be. Unfortunately, that runs opposed to most of modern society. You can make the argument that the […]

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(8 Tips): How to do cold showers

Phil Hawksworth - cold showers

Cold showers have many benefits. They’re a great way to wake you up in the morning and get the blood flowing. It builds discipline, self-control and tolerance of discomfort. They raise testosterone and speed metabolism… Sounds great, but if you’ve never done it before (or even if you have), they can be uncomfortable. A cold, […]

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