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Wrist Preparation, Rehab, Strength & Mobility (fix De Quervain’s Tendinosis)

Sore hands or wrists? Tendinitis? Weak grip? You can fix it with just 10-minutes of hand and wrist preparation… The most neglected part of the body for most gym goers are the hands and wrists (and feet). They’re not sexy, they don’t alter how you look, and you don’t get to lift big weights. So […]

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Hybrid Performance Method Review (Weightlifting Program)

Hybrid Performance Method Review

This video and post is my Hybrid Performance Method Review (https://www.hybridperformancemethod.com/). I’ve been using the Hybrid Performance Method Weightlifting Program for 10 weeks now. The first thing I want to say is I have been thoroughly enjoying this program. I’m too old and not strong enough to have any hopes of becoming an international weight […]

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How to Create a Pre-Gym Routine for Better Focus & Training Sessions

create a pre-gym routine

What do you do immediately before you start training? If you don’t have a specific pre-gym routine, you’re missing a trick… The Benefits of a Pre-Gym Routine The purpose of your pre-gym routine is to get into the best state for the coming training session. Being in the correct state will make you more focused, […]

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Modafinil Workout: How Does Modafinil Affect Your Workout? Training While On Modafinil (Strength training, bodybuilding)

Modafinil workout If you’re new to Modafinil you can read about my experiences here. So, how does Modafinil affect your workouts? For me, it is most definitely a performance enhancer. It has a number of positive effects on my workouts which I will discuss here, along with a couple of considerations to be careful of. As […]

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