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Your “Comfort Zone” Is Causing Your Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety can be crippling for introverts. We’re often shy, due mostly to being unpracticed and inexperienced when it comes to socialising. Times that by ten when it comes to meeting women, and social anxiety can quickly become our ‘norm’. But it doesn’t have to. Social anxiety with women I was talking to a friend […]

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What’s It All for? (Moving Beyond The Hustle)

Beyond the hustle

What’s it all for? Why did you start? If we’re talking business, I bet you didn’t start a business so that you could work 16 hours a day…   At what point does the hustle end? When do you stop trying to be everywhere and do everything… and become ok with the fact that things […]

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Why Fitness is Self-Improvement Ground Zero

Fitness is self-improvement ground zero

Fitness is self-improvement ground zero. Want to live a better life? Fitness is the most obvious place to start. It brings the greatest returns, for the least amount of effort. It is accessible to anyone, you can start immediately and will start to see results in a short time frame. Even better, the skills, behaviours, […]

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