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Become an Idea Machine Review (Claudia Altucher)

This is my ‘Become an Idea Machine‘ review, by Claudia Altucher (James Altucher’s wife). The book is approximately 50% reading, with the latter 50% being completely dedicated to the daily practise of curating ideas, creativing and ‘becoming an idea machine’. I’ve been following the ‘Idea Machine‘ method as part of my morning routine, which you […]

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33 Tips, Tricks & Hacks to Be Instantly Stronger in the Gym

Increasing your strength potential is a process of slow adaptation via consistency and progressive overload. Importantly, there’s a key word in the last sentence: potential. You may already know that we are much stronger than we will ever display in normal life or even in the gym. Our muscles have the potential to do super-human things, but […]

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Creating a Morning Routine – Double Productivity, Find Flow State & Increase Happiness

Do you roll over in bed and spend the first half an hour of your day scrolling through social media on your phone? You need a morning routine. Maybe you drag yourself out of bed but it takes you a couple of hours to ‘get going’ and get in the zone to do anything useful. […]

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