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10 Years On – 26 Things I Would Tell Myself the Day I Finished High School

Fuck. 10 years since I finished school. That really makes me feel old. A decade is an awfully long time, a lot of stuff has happened and I am a completely different person to who I was at 16. Excuse the self-indulgent horn-blowing, but I think it’s important for context, to see how far I have […]

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Freelancing: Getting Paid vs Building Your Own Brand & Future

My office for the day in Chiang Mai

I’ve been freelancing, predominantly as a content and copy writer in the fitness industry, for the past 4 months. The biggest struggle throughout this time has been the balance of doing paid freelance work and of building my own business, brand and creating long term value for myself. – I need to earn money today, […]

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5 Reasons You Should Workout While You Travel

Just hanging around at Crossfit Chiang Mai

Whether you’re going on holiday for the week or indefinite nomad like me, there is countless reasons to keep your workout routine up. The obvious benefits of training still apply equally wherever you are in the world, but here are 5 specific benefits of working out whilst travelling. Back to basics – If you’re from the […]

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