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a couple of months ago

How To Optimise Sleep Quality: Better Health, More Energy, Increase Productivity

How to optimise sleep quality

Let’s talk about how to optimise sleep quality. Contrary to popular modern (misinformed) wisdom, sleep is actually very important. We seem to think that sleep is an inconvenience that steals our time. In reality, social media is an inconvenience that steals our time. Sleep is up their with breathing and drinking water, for most fundamental […]

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Intermittent Fasting: The Ultimate Guide (for dieting, productivity, focus & health)

intermittent fasting the ultimate guide

Intermittent fasting is a superb lifestyle choice for a number of reasons. The benefits straddle 4 primary areas, in my opinion. Namely: Ease of calorie restriction (dieting) Liberation of your time (productivity) Focus Health In this post and accompanying videos I look at intermittent fasting and the benefits it has on all of these areas. […]

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Supercharge Your Productivity: Modafinil, Coffee and intermittent fasting 

Coffee, modafinil and intermitten fasting

Monday. Ubud, Bali. 12.30pm: I jumped out of bed at 8. Checked the time on my iPhone, chugged a liter of water and took an ice cold shower. Threw on some shorts, a t-shirt, and was in the coffee shop for 8:30am. So far I’ve written approximately 4500 words. Pretty good output? Here’s what I’ve consumed: 2 liters of […]

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