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Sales for Introverts (Part 4) – What To Say In Your Sales Conversations (Sales Scripts for Introverts)

sales scripts for introverts

In part 1 of this series we spoke about why selling is a good thing, assuming you have a good product that helps people. In part 2 we discussed why people buy. Then in part 3 we looked at why your sales conversations – when done right – are a win-win situation that benefit the […]

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Sales for Introverts (Part 1) – Why Sales Is Not A Dirty Word

Want to earn more money? Have your own business, and the freedom that comes with it? It is absolutely essential that you learn how to sell. It’s a basic life-skill that everyone should possess. Even if you don’t have a business, the principles of sales are foundational psychology that will help you have better relationships, […]

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