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Why Chiang Mai is the Best & Worst Place for Digital Nomads (Depending On Your Situation)

Chiang Mai digital nomad co-working space

Chiang Mai is pretty much Digital Nomad Mecca. It tops most people’s list of the best place for a Digital Nomad to live and work, and for good reason. I’ve spent about 6 months of this year in Chiang Mai and it is great. I have written about it my time there before:¬†here. It’s (very) […]

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Growth Mindset in Action

You might have heard about the two different approaches to life; a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. The terms were originally coined by Dr Carol Dweck in her seminal book ‘Mindset‘. Though for a more practical and actionable discussion of mindset and how to create an awesome life, you will want to read ‘Gorilla […]

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I Live in Thailand Now, Do I Live Location Independent?

I left the UK and now live on the other side of the world, earning my income entirely on the internet. Of course I live a location independent lifestyle, right? Heh, not so much… Not right now, anyway. This post was inspired by a conversation with Mike Cernovich, so full props go to him, he¬†articulated […]

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Freelancing: Getting Paid vs Building Your Own Brand & Future

My office for the day in Chiang Mai

I’ve been freelancing, predominantly as a content and copy writer in the fitness industry, for the past 4 months. The biggest struggle throughout this time has been the balance of doing paid freelance work and of building my own business, brand and creating long term value for myself. – I need to earn money today, […]

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