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Supercharge Your Productivity: Modafinil, Coffee and intermittent fasting 

Coffee, modafinil and intermitten fasting

Monday. Ubud, Bali. 12.30pm: I jumped out of bed at 8. Checked the time on my iPhone, chugged a liter of water and took an ice cold shower. Threw on some shorts, a t-shirt, and was in the coffee shop for 8:30am. So far I’ve written approximately 4500 words. Pretty good output? Here’s what I’ve consumed: 2 liters of […]

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Become an Idea Machine Review (Claudia Altucher)

This is my ‘Become an Idea Machine‘ review, by Claudia Altucher (James Altucher’s wife). The book is approximately 50% reading, with the latter 50% being completely dedicated to the daily practise of curating ideas, creativing and ‘becoming an idea machine’. I’ve been following the ‘Idea Machine‘ method as part of my morning routine, which you […]

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Improve Learning with Kindle: How I Use Kindle to Improve Learning & Fast Track Progress

In this post I will show you how to improve learning with kindle… I was resistant to getting a Kindle for a long time. It wasn’t until I was going permanently travelling that it became a necessity and I got one. It’s completely impractical to carry many physical books around on your person. When you’re moving […]

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Creating a Morning Routine – Double Productivity, Find Flow State & Increase Happiness

Do you roll over in bed and spend the first half an hour of your day scrolling through social media on your phone? You need a morning routine. Maybe you drag yourself out of bed but it takes you a couple of hours to ‘get going’ and get in the zone to do anything useful. […]

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