Do the damn exercise if you want to create change - Phil Hawksworth

Do the damn exercise if you want to create change

Pet peeve…

people who ask me for advice, or who read self-improvement type books, attend seminars or work with professionals…

are given exercises to do…

and don’t do them.

Be honest with yourself

Reading about something is not going to create any change in your life. You may gain a little bit more knowledge about a subject, and you may even feed your ego, being able to relay this knowledge to your friends, but you haven’t changed anything.

You are still the same. Same problems. Same fears.

Change requires introspection and honesty.

When you are honest with yourself, you will start to create changes in your life.

My experience

For years I read books and websites and gained knowledge.

Occasionally I would cherry pick something that seemed easy/attractive and actually implement it in to my life.

I even took the knowledge and preached it to my personal training clients about how to create behaviour change. The conceit of weak-minded youth…

There was a turning point a couple of years ago, if I remember correctly, I was re-reading some old books, because I was too broke to afford new ones. Indicative of how successful my reading had made me to this point, clearly.

It was ‘Secrets of a Millionaire Mind‘ by T Harv Eker. I had read it previously, not done the exercises, and guess what?

I still had lots of debt, I still lived client to client, I still saved no money, I still spent everything I had each month – whether large or small.

Great book addressing your financial health, mindset and beliefs around money.

Great book addressing your financial health, mindset and beliefs around money.

This time, I did the exercises.

Things started to change. It was a slow process. I still made mistakes and slacked off my good intentions in this area for a long time.

None of that mattered. Now I was the person who took action. I did the damn exercises.


Honestly, everything started to change here. The multiple areas of my life that I wanted to improve, they all started improving when I did the exercises, when I was honest with myself and implemented the stuff, instead of appeasing myself, chasing more information and knowledge, without ever doing any of the painful introspection. I grew up.

This was the turning point that allowed me to overcome many of my fears and demons. To build my dream life. Now, the journey goes on.


The inspiration for this post came when I found this cool blog the other day and was reading through the archives, to this post; ‘The Psychology of Money‘. There were new questions, ones I had never seen or thought about before.

Immediately, I copied the questions in to my common place (what is a common place?) for serious thought and introspection, when I have a couple of hours to sit down in isolation and dedicate myself to it.

A snapshot of my common place

A snapshot of my common place

Do the damn exercises

Be honest with yourself, introspect and start to address the hard stuff in your head. You will start to see changes in your life.


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