Why Fitness is Self-Improvement Ground Zero - Phil Hawksworth
10 months ago

Why Fitness is Self-Improvement Ground Zero

Fitness is self-improvement ground zero. Want to live a better life?

Fitness is the most obvious place to start. It brings the greatest returns, for the least amount of effort.

It is accessible to anyone, you can start immediately and will start to see results in a short time frame. Even better, the skills, behaviours, beliefs, mindset that you develop through mastering your fitness will help you achieve more in every other area of your life too.

You can ‘learn how to succeed’ using fitness.

Improving your fitness will develop skills such as:


If you’re just starting on your self-improvement journey, fitness is the easiest place to start. It will bring the biggest results, for the least amount of effort, in the quickest time.

For any guy who wants to live a better life, I will always recommend they start with fitness. When you’re fit and healthy life is just easier. Why would you want to approach changes in other areas on hard mode, when you can make the game easier by mastering your body first?


Self-Improvement Momentum

Life is always in motion. It’s impossible for you to stay in stasis. You are either moving forwards, or falling backwards. You cannot escape this, you either grow or slowly die.

Fitness is a superb way to build that self-improvement momentum. To quickly see changes in your results and to make achieving results in the other areas you care about easier too.

Whatever your primary goals are, whatever you really value, fitness can only help in your journey.


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