Guaranteed Fitness Results?! Turn Up Every Damn Day

Guaranteed fitness results?! Turn up every damn day…

Don’t you just wish you could get guaranteed fitness results?

Like, there is no chance of you not seeing the progress you desire?

It is possible.

In fact, it is quite simple…

I have got stronger whilst dieting hard… I see my clients turn up and take control of their life, in spite of feeling down about themselves …

So I’m going to try and say more about how I felt yesterday, as per the audio. I had quite a tough day emotionally, no particular reason, I just have days when I hate myself and yesterday was one of them. Even though I’ve had a good week overall, the task ahead just seemed too much for me, I felt like I’m going to be fat forever and I just can’t do it. On a positive note, I didn’t react to these feelings by binge eating, which is what I often do (weird self-fulfilling reaction). I did my exercises yesterday and are very healthily, so feeling more positive this morning. Hoping for a good day

Turn Up Every Damn Day

Turn up every single day and you are 80% of the way to changing your life.

You have done the hardest bit.

80% of success is just showing up – Woody Allen

Today I felt crappy. I had low energy, was tired and felt a little queasy.

Regardless, I shut up and got under the bar. I felt much better after my workout.

I’ve never seen better results in the gym than when I ┬áturned up every single day…

Sore? Turn up

Tired? Turn up

Injured? Turn up (and work around it)

Busy? Turn up (make the time)

Unmotivated? Turn up

Positive momentum.

Turn up every damn day.

You’ve done the hard part.

Get yourself there and you get in to it.

Nobody ever regretted having a workout, only missing one.

20 years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than by the things that you did. – Mark Twain

Every time you turn up in less than perfect circumstances, you get massive positive reinforcement. Belief that you can do this. Sense of achievement and pride.

You build your discipline.

You reinforce the positive habit.

This goes way beyond your body. These are life skills of successful people, in any field.

Guaranteed fitness results

Turn up.

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