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How to Prevent or Get Rid of a Hangover

The fitness ‘guru’s’ often give off this dogmatic view of the ideal, one dimensional life you have to life in order to be healthy and have a kick ass body.

Where partying, eating most of the food you like, staying up all night, etc. are the devil and will make you fat and weak instantly.

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I don’t know who’s hair this was…?

Not true…

Absolutely if you value partying higher than fitness and do it regularly, your body will reflect that. However if you do it occasionally, you won’t see much at all in the way of ill-effect, and your social life will be much happier.

Nobody wants to be the one who can’t go out, can’t be in pubs or clubs or go to restaurants because its not healthy enough for them. That will lead to a lonely and depressing lifestyle.

Don’t take this out of context, boozing, eating cake, not sleeping,  sticking shit up your nose, etc.  isn’t going to be good for you or make you look/feel good. You should have some balance though. Be able to enjoy yourself as you wish.

When I dieted down to get totally ripped I didn’t go out partying for 8 weeks…

Because my goals for my body were much more important.

Now that I am in maintenance mode with my body and overcoming an injury that is hampering my training, I do not need to be strict like that.

My biggest focus and number 1 goal for the rest of this year is business. Therefore that is the thing that comes before all else, and after that, I want to have a balanced life where I enjoy my training, I am healthy and look great, AND I can go out and have a fun social life.


How to prevent or get rid of a hangover

Green juice

Carrot, celery, beetroot & sea weed juice. Sounds minging but so jam packed with good stuff that its worth it…

  1. Eat before you go out to ‘line your stomach’, but try to avoid eating crap at the end of the night or the following day because with alcohol in your system you cannot burn off the energy and it will just be stored as fat. I often fast most of the day following a night out. Find out more about the effects of alcohol on fat storage here.
  2. Drink water. Hardly a life altering piece of advice here I know. The simple stuff is usually the best though, and it really helps. I don’t drink much these days as I don’t feel the need to and have a better night when I drink less, so I often drink water. Especially later in the night and in night clubs, its cheaper and if you’re dancing you get even more dehydrated, which is the main reason you will have a pounding headache the next day.
  3. Sleep it off. Unless you really have somewhere to be, it is a good idea to nap the following day. You don’t sleep well when you have alcohol or other substances, in your body so short naps after you have woken up often give better sleep quality and more recovery to help you feel energised.
  4. Use green juice. I have a juice before I go out, and another the following day. This helps to support the liver and detoxification. The better you get waste and toxins out of the system the quicker you get back to functioning properly. Check out Fit-Juice for great information about juicing & how to do it.
  5. Exercise & sauna. Once you have supported the liver you need to get things moving, you detoxify in various ways including through your breath and your skin. So hit the gym and do 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes in the sauna to get the toxins out of the system the following day.
  6. Supplements. I use Mahler’s ‘Recovery Oil’, it is magesium, zinc & MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), it’s great for recovery from exercise & for avoiding hangovers. I have heard good things about NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) but never tried it myself.
  7. Don’t accept feeling like crap. You have control over your feelings. Considering I have been partying the last 2 days and it has looked like this all day…British summer

I could easily have sulked in bed feeling sorry for myself.

As it is, I have had a good day, feel totally fine, although aware I’m not functioning at 100% sharpness, and I have got a lot done. I simply chose to get up, to go through my routine of shower, juice, coffee and fresh air and then started doing something I wanted to do. As soon as I started doing something I wanted to do, I forgot all about it, got in the moment and felt good. I took control and changed how I felt.

How to prevent or get rid of a hangover in 7 simple steps…

Have fun, be safe and don’t get caught up in the fitness-robot dogma.


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