"I don't have time to workout"

“I don’t have time to workout”

“I don’t have time to workout”


Yes you do.

You don’t have desire to workout.

Justify to yourself however you wish, but if you want to do it enough, you find time, and if you can’t find the time, you make the time.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, because you’ve been lead to believe you need to workout for 60-90 minutes otherwise it’s not worth bothering…


I coach clients to do 30-45 minute workouts 3-4 times per week.

But you’re more advanced?

I’ve written before about my current favourite workout, which takes under 30 minutes.
I had a 20 minute workout today. It was hard, and very effective.

I did a shoulder circuit, its written up below. That’s not the point though, the point is…


Intensity… aka Phil’s super secret magic ingredient to getting buff and ripped 10x quicker than steroids and plastic surgery

Intensity is the key to an effective workout, whatever your level.

What qualifies as intense is dependant on level and experience, but without that magic ingredient, you probably are wasting your time.

Put down the iPhone, stop chitty chatting, don’t ‘go through the motions’.

"Let a man but burn... with enough intensity and he will set fire to the world." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Get in there, get in the zone and smash it.

Why are you working out? Do you want to be buff or not? Act like it.

Here’s the workout I did:

  • Shoulder giant set/circuit
  • No rest between exercises
  • 2 rounds – about 1 minute between rounds

Phil Hawksworth– Single arm kettlebell press
– Dumbbell shoulder press

– Rear delt lean away pull ups (hold top of a wide grip pull-up and control yourself horizontally away from the bar and back)

– Arnold press

– Band pull aparts

– Lateral raises

– Neck bridges

– Dumbbell shrugs


Don’t bother counting reps. It’s all about tension. Get your head in to it and flex the muscles. Constant tension and/or peak tension, depending on exercise.

Don’t throw the weights around. Flex, squeeze, hold, control.

I felt sick by the end. The lactic acid is beautiful.

Give it a go.


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