The Journey of Transforming Your Life

The Journey of Transforming Your Life Part 1

7:00pm 10/09/2014 – somewhere high above Italy (I think)

I’m on my way to Croatia for a holiday*
I just completed listening to my second podcast of the journey, after initially reading a chapter of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, stopping sporadically to jot down thoughts and ideas inspired by the reading, podcast and just my own reflection on life.

My mind wandered to a conversation I had with a client this morning, about the journey that she is on; changing her body, the way she identifies with herself and all that this will mean for the rest of her life.

I thought about the journey that I am currently on, the literal journey of a flight, and how it relates with the metaphorical journey of life, specifically to body & mindset transformation.

I thought about when I was a kid. Sitting impatiently, annoying my parents, fidgeting restlessly just wanting to get to our destination. We were going on holiday; sun, sea, excitement… I didn’t care for the journey. I anticipated arrival.

Sounds a lot like most peoples metaphorical journey through their fitness, and through their life. They just want to arrive. They want to be that guy/girl RIGHT NOW. They want to be successful RIGHT NOW. Rich/happy/whatever RIGHT NOW.

Evidence from studies shows lottery winners are no happier 1 year after hitting the jackpot than they were before. I’m sure if anybody cared to study it, the same will be true of people who change their image through liposuction and other cosmetic methods.

The Journey of transforming your life

Let me tell you about myself right now…

I am enjoying this flight.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care for the cramped seat, screaming child and dull hum of the engines I’m sat right on top of.

I am enjoying the time to myself.
I am enjoying the time without connectivity to anyone outside of this hollow tin tube.
I am enjoying time where I have no choice but to sit still.
I am enjoying having time to reflect and think, without any commitments or possibility to busy myself with other things to do.

I am enjoying the journey I am undertaking.
It is offering me many benefits.

Tell me, what are the benefits of your own metaphorical journey with your fitness?

The awareness and lessons you learn about yourself.
The fears you overcome.
The discipline and self-belief you slowly build.
The setbacks you overcome when you seemed likely to fail.
The knowledge of how to change your own beliefs, habits and behaviours.
The empowerment of knowing that you can do this. You can do other things you desire also.

Not everybody will enjoy the act of working out or eating right initially. It can seem a hassle to structure and plan your life, to forgo things you desire and ask painful questions of yourself…
Everybody will enjoy the things mentioned before though.

The benefit of transforming your body does not lie in attaining a better body.
It’s not about kilograms, clothes sizes and compliments from your friends.

The journey is the benefit.
The lessons you learn.
The power you attain over yourself.
The beliefs you transform.

This is what makes you ‘that guy/girl’. Not the body.

Watch for part 2 coming soon.


*It’s more just a change of location, I believe I live my lives purpose on my own terms so I don’t feel that I’m ‘taking time out’ as I’m not doing anything different. I have no boss and no responsibilities I am escaping right now

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