The journey of transforming your life - Part 2

The Journey of Transforming Your Life Part 2

Read part 1 first.

I finished noting that it is not the body that signifies you becoming ‘that guy/girl’, it is the transformation that happens along the journey.

It is for this reason, that you can never ‘fail’.

You only ‘fail’ when you give up. When you quit trying.

Even then it is only transient. You can pick it up again in the future, the journey of your life doesn’t end until you are cold in the ground.

What most people believe to be ‘failing’, is just a setback…

A setback is the best thing that can happen to you!

Every setback is the opportunity to grow. To learn something about yourself. To change the beliefs, habits and behaviours that caused it.

Sometimes, you have to go through the same setback dozens of times before you are ready to move beyond it.

Some never do. This is because they quit trying.

You only improve by overcoming a setback.

Humming along, making consistent progress externally is great, but you are not improving, you are not changing.

Change comes from deep within you and it happens in an instant.

The instant that you overcome a setback, you have changed.

Sometimes it takes a while for the physical reality to catch up. For the weight to drop off or muscles to grow, but you changed long before that becomes visible.

This is why the natural ups and downs will inevitably happen throughout your journey. Sometimes you have to take backwards steps externally to take forwards steps internally.

So long as you don’t abandon your drive. So long as you keep chipping away, you will get there.

Tell me about a time that you overcame a setback, on any journey, that created growth for you as a person.

Tell me what you intend to do next time you have a ‘setback’.

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