Why making your bed could have a profound impact on your life
a couple of years ago

Why making your bed could have a profound impact on your life

Really, making my bed?

Making your bed is a tiny – but dull – chore, you know you should do it every morning, but probably don’t.

Not when you’re tired, or rushing off to work. Not when you immediately get distracted by your Facebook notifications, or when you are in a medically dangerous state of caffeine deprivation.

You should always make your bed because…

Making your bed takes a degree of discipline.

Discipline begets discipline.

When you act disciplined in one area, it has the knock on effect of making you more disciplined in other areas.

I can certainly admit that when I was dieting down for my photoshoot, I was very disciplined in my food and training, avoidance of alcohol and ensuring I got enough sleep…

Phil Hawksworth

Discipline gets you in to shape like this


Also in my work, in my habits of tidying and cleaning, with my finances and probably other areas too.

Being disciplined makes you more disciplined.

Discipline makes you achieve the things that are important to you.

I could definitely say that the discipline I built up, initially through transforming my body, has helped me to attain my goals; through exercising discipline in my work, finances and commitment to living my dream life.

Accumulate small wins

Make a commitment to a small thing, first thing in the day, and you will get your first win right off the bat.

Your first win will give you momentum to take in to your next commitment and this will make you more successful; in every area of your life.

When I first came out to Thailand, I was living life, partying, relaxing and generally getting nothing productive done. This is all well and good, and I should let myself chill from time to time, but I was just burning through my savings, and actually was less happy than when I have a purpose to my days.

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy as Larry when I was doing stuff…but the gaps where I wasn’t stimulated, I suddenly found myself bored and needing to find the next shiny thing to distract me.


At the time, the first thing I did when I woke up was to scroll through my Twitter/Facebook timelines. Bad habit. I was finding it hard later in the day to sit down and get in to work mode. I would find myself scrolling through my social media again and again. Doing nothing useful, then feeling guilty for doing nothing useful.

I made the commitment to myself to get back in to a proper morning routine, because I know that what I do first thing sets me up for the whole day.

I didn’t go crazy, I just committed to getting out of bed, doing my morning stretches (1 minute) and taking 10 deep diaphragmatic breaths, making my bed, before jumping in the shower and going to get coffee and read.

(The coffee and reading isn’t discipline, that is my favourite way to start every day.)

I will be adding additional things to the routine over time. Things that I want to accomplish; in a daily, habitual way.

There is a reason that making your bed correctly is the first thing you are taught in the military. Starting the day, and the training, on the right foot.


The Finnish military showing you how its done.

The Finnish military showing you how its done.

The difference

Since I committed to my routine, I have been much more productive in my work. I have been more focused in the gym. I have been more present when talking to people or doing something. I have been happier.

The increased happiness is likely attributed to not feeling guilty for not achieving anything productive, and/or feeling inspired and getting in to flow by doing something productive.

It almost sounds too good to be true for something so simple.

I promise you, it works. Try it.


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