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Mindset = Fitness Results

Getting results in fitness; losing fat, building muscle and getting strong…

It’s not about which workout program or diet plan you’re following. Only considering those factors is like saying you want to 10x your income, but only looking at how many hours you work as a way to achieve this.

Sure, you might be able to do that, but if you’re already working a 40 hour week; there is not 400 hours in a week.

You actually need to change your approach, with a new business or career, if you want to achieve that goal. You need to do something that creates greater leverage.

Thinking that chopping and changing training programs or diet plans every 3 weeks is going to bring any different results in your body, without addressing the common denominator – your mindset – is setting yourself up to fail.

You’re going to feel like you’re doing the right things, because you’re doing lots of ‘things’, but you will ultimately not get anywhere.

Question: What is the commonality between hyper-achievers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donald Trump and Mohammed Ali?

A rock-solid mindset. An incredible belief in themselves, their vision and a commitment to doing whatever it takes.

Now, chances are you will never make it to that level, but you can at least apply the same techniques to master your body. To look good, feel good and live good.

Getting in great shape, combined with the power of a strong mindset will often lead to much more success in other areas of life…

Building a bigger business, getting laid more, etc.

When body and mind are aligned, anything is possible.


Change Your Mindset

The thing that will lead ultimately to success is applying the right mindset to your fitness.

No matter what program you’re following, when you have the right mindset, you will get excellent results.

The way you think is going to determine how you do everything that you do. Including the programs you choose, how strictly you follow them, how hard you work, how consistent you are; and everything else that counts.

The best program or diet in the world is shit if you don’t follow it, don’t put any effort in, or start and stop every 3 weeks.

Ultimately the ‘best’ thing to do is the thing that works for you.

Knowing what works for you is where your unique circumstance meets with proven and tested wisdom. Many people would argue that you just need to follow X program or Y diet, and for most people that is good advice.

But what if you can’t follow that program? This is when you need to apply accurate thinking to determine if a piece of advice is appropriate for you.

Even more relevant for a lot of people – does this advice actually make sense for your goals?

For example, every newb is told to do a 3×5 or 5×5 program to build strength.

That’s great, and it will build strength – but what if you have 100lbs to lose? A strength program is definitely not the best way.

What if you just want to build muscle and don’t care about strength? A strength program would bring some results, but not optimal results.

You can see that there is no blanket recommendation for a one size fits all protocol. Rather, you need to figure out your unique situation, consider the options and choose the best of the appropriate options available.


Find the ‘Dull, Unpolished Objects’

As opposed to the ‘bright, shiny objects’.

Find the time tested, proven plans that are based on hard work. No short cuts. No amazing new discoveries, or sexy supplements are going to bring results. The truth is, it takes time and effort working on the basics.

Every great physique is built by doing the basics well.

Every great achievement, in just about anything, is built by doing the basics well.

To achieve success you don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Simply find how to implement the basics well and consistently.

Case Study: Lifelong Procrastinator Loses 40lbs, Falls in Love With Exercise and Gets a New Lease On Life

Scott was someone who had been struggling with his weight for about 15 years. Trying a new workout or diet for a few weeks; seeing some initial results and then giving up.

It was always inconsistent. Always hopping on the hype-train for the next bright shiny object.

Every fad diet that came along, he tried it. Every new workout routine, he bought.

He never progressed because he never actually did anything.

Constantly starting and stopping. It was the lack of consistency that meant he never got results.

When he finally focused on the basics, was accountable to tracking his numbers and actually did the ‘boring’ routines, he lost 40 lbs.

Further to this, as he started getting results, he started to enjoy it. He’d never enjoyed anything about fitness before now.

It wasn’t just the workouts, but he enjoyed the structure of preparing meals and tracking his calories.

He liked the changes not just in his physique, but in his daily habits. He found that working out consistently gave him more energy and got him into the habit of moving. 

Moving lead to him re-kindling old passions he hadn’t done since high school. To trying new thing, and adding a new spark to his relationship.

His entire life changed for the better when he stopped following the latest bright shiny object, and started doing the basics properly.

If you think the basics are ‘boring’, that is a self-sabotaging mindset that you need to change. You wouldn’t start a business where you think the basics like making sales and serving customers is ‘boring’, so you don’t do it, would you?

Consistency & Intensity

Give me 15 minutes to train someone and they’ll get better results than they will in an hour on their own.

I pretty much guarantee that is true, unless they’re already fairly advanced.

See, consistency and intensity are the two variables that matter most.

Nothing works if you do it for 3 weeks then stop. Consistency is obvious. Commit to it for the long term if you want to get results.

Intensity is the difference between someone getting average results, and getting unbelievable results.

Making people’s jaw drop when they haven’t seen you in 6 weeks…

Having your friends ask if you’re on steroids…

Those kind of results come from intensity. 

From working harder than you’ve ever worked before. Pushing your limits and going beyond what is comfortable…

Then going a little further still.

Nobody makes changes from their comfort zone. Sack up, put some effort in and push yourself if you want to change your body.


How To Change Your Mindset, Build Consistency and Intensity; & Kick Ass in the Gym

I’ve already laid out the basics of a process for getting your mindset in order in a previous post >>> HERE.

Go there and follow the process.



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