What's It All for? (Moving Beyond The Hustle) - Phil Hawksworth
7 months ago

What’s It All for? (Moving Beyond The Hustle)

What’s it all for?

Why did you start?

If we’re talking business, I bet you didn’t start a business so that you could work 16 hours a day…


At what point does the hustle end?

When do you stop trying to be everywhere and do everything… and become ok with the fact that things are going well, you can relax, focus on only the high impact things, and take time away to have a little fun?

When do you go have a beer at the pool party and reap the rewards of being in great shape, instead of obsessing about keeping your body fat in single digits?

When do you recognise that you’ve attained mastery with women, and that letting go of your identity as a player, and connecting with the girl in front of you will make you happier?

Beyond the hustle

I like sleeping. I like partying.

Work hard to get ahead, sure, but re-evaluate if that’s still serving you today.

Watch the video. Think about it…

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