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My First Modafinil Experience

I’d been aware of modafinil for a couple of years, but had never tried it until today. As this is my first time, I jotted some notes down (among the million other things I got done) to reflect on my first modafinil experience and hopefully provide some useful insight to you.

I won’t bother explaining what modafinil is in detail, hit google and you will find plenty of sources. It’s a smart drug that increases focus and productivity.

First off, thanks Aaron for helping me out with some advice.

I probably didn’t make the best of my first experience. I had a date last night, so had a few beers and didn’t get to sleep until about 2am. Having just got my hands on the modafinil yesterday afternoon, I wasn’t going to wait to try it out, so I took it this morning at about 9:30 anyway.

I immediately wrote a big list of stuff I wanted to get finished and had a coffee, before getting to work.

Working away...

Working away…

Productivity much?

Here is what I’ve done so far today:

  • Written 2 of my own blog posts (published one)
  • Written 2 blogs for writing clients
  • Wrote copy for a web page in a new business venture & tested the funnel
  • Edited CV and applied for a job
  • Email pitched for 10 freelance writing jobs
  • Did a couple of social media/promo type posts
  • Wrote about 10 pages of notes on copywriting from the book I’m reading
  • Went to the gym
  • Remembered to eat 4 times

and finally…

  • Writing this post

All in all, I got shit done today.

Modafinil Experiences

As soon as I took the pill and sat down, I was instantly crazy focused and productive. I know this was pure placebo at this stage, the thing was barely half way down my gullet.

I worked solid for 3 hours, got a lot of stuff done and didn’t procrastinate. Then I had some food (still working whilst I was waiting for it to be cooked) and went back to the coffee shop for another 2 hours of solid work.

By this point I was started to waver and procrastinate, so I took a bit of a break, had more food and then went to the gym. It was my first time in a new gym – I had a great workout, but too many new variables to really assess the effect the modafinil had.

I was very focused and all about business. At one point I hit the bottom of the squat rack doing front squats, it knocked me off balance, causing me to miss the rep. This always pisses me off, but today I just seemed completely unfazed. Picked the bar up, put it back and went back to business, as though nothing happened. I would attribute that to the modafinil.
P.S. Build squat racks where you can actually squat all the way down without bottoming out, please, somebody.

After the gym (and eating), I came back and got back to work. I was productive again, although not as laser focused as in the morning. Finding I had to pull myself back from procrastinating from time to time. Said date from last night brought me dinner round, while I kept working, so I guess it helped me be more productive after all.


On a normal day, I work in bursts. I will do a few hours in the morning, then chill for a bit. Maybe a bit more work or maybe just longer relaxing, before the gym. Then another burst in the evening.

I find I am creative and don’t procrastinate morning and evening. During the day, I am pretty useless.

I 100% worked for a lot longer, with a lot more focus than normal.

I also feel like my thinking was sharper, everything was at the top of my brain anticipating when it would need to come out.

I estimate I have done at least 2 good days of work, in 1 day.


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First Modafinil Experience Conclusion

I think I was a bit too harsh on the expectations I had for myself. I would not rest and just powered right on through. Right now (10:30pm) I feel tired, but my brain is still going well.

The task list I set myself was never going to be finished, but that was expected. A slight downer, for me, is that I still procrastinated on the things I would normally procrastinate on. I purposely ordered the list in the way I wanted to do it, so I didn’t skip the stuff I don’t like in preference of enjoyable tasks.

That didn’t work out so well, I still ended up doing all of the things that I like doing, plus some extra bits, and not doing the stuff I typically put off and procrastinate on.

In the future I think I will set up a list of all the stuff I don’t like doing and just smash through that. I don’t need modafinil to do the stuff I enjoy doing, I will do that stuff anyway.

I found myself very impatient while I was waiting to eat if I didn’t bring any work and was sat twiddling my thumbs, which was a nightmare.

I will be using it again soon, and will aim to get more stuff done that I tend to put off. I’ve seen the powerful effect of the stuff. With experience I think I can channel it better.

Reading through the post now I’ve written it, I have realised that

  • It reads like I’m talking a million mile an hour about something I’m really excited about
  • Proofreading is hard. I want to speed read it and get back to writing. I will re-read and publish tomorrow


It’s now tomorrow, reading back it seemed like I forgot how to break text up. The sentences were super long and information filled.

For anything that is important, I think I need to proof read another time, when not on modafinil.

Interesting observation today, I have done absolutely F all. It’s now 3pm and this is the first thing I have done today. I don’t know if this is some sort of come down, burnout from doing so much yesterday or just coincidental. I will be interested to find out in the future.

What are your experiences of modafinil? Any tips to share?

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  • Very comprehensive. It’s different from your average, ‘oh it gave my so much focus i was so productive posts.’
    I find the effects subtle in that i feel nothing at all. But when I start using my brain, thoughts are magnified, concentration is enhanced. I don’t actually notice the thing working until I’m sitting still trying to think, my mind is literally racing I have to type everything down to keep up.

  • Thanks Brandon.

    I didn’t really notice anything until I stopped working, like when I was waiting to eat, and my mind was going a million miles an hour.

    I don’t think I was very creative- felt like just checking things off the list but didn’t have any real new ideas.

  • Marycris Yuga

    Great post. I will be buying modafinil online from . I need some medication for anxiety and this post is helping me alot in knowing what does it feels like taking modafinil.

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  • Joe

    Nice report. Are you still taking it?

    • I use it 1-2 times per month, or if I’m on a strict deadline and need to get more than normally possible accomplished.

      I actually feel that altering my state and seeing what I am capable of has helped me develop the focus and drive to get more done without needing to take anything. Just by expanding my belief of what is possible. Gonna write about this effect soon.

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