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Creating Your ‘Perfect Day’ (Life Design)

What happens on your perfect day?

If you were writing a movie script, and the lead character (you) got to experience their perfect day… what would you write?

Creating your Perfect Day

When you’re done thinking about cocaine and big titty hookers… how would it look if you got to live the perfect day, every day?

You know you’d get bored of that hedonistic shit, after you’d drained all of your dopamine stores.

There’s a reason every rich guy isn’t Dan Bilzerian. It won’t be satisfying for long.

No, realistically, if you could design your life in such a way where you lived the ‘perfect day’, every single day, what would that look like?

That’s precisely what we’re going to do in this post.


Designing the ‘Perfect Day’? Sounds kinda hokey…

Before we get into how to do this, we need to look at why you’re doing it, and why it works.

Starting with the obvious – who the fuck else is in control of your life?

YOU get to decide what you do, unless you willingly give your power to other people.

“But I have a job/responsibility/blah blah…”

You have those things because you choose to have them. You can equally choose not to have them.

I’m not saying “it’s just that easy”, but you CAN change anything you want, and it starts with the decision to change it.

If you struggle letting go of things which are not serving you, read this post Will wrote and then pick up the book, read it and do the exercises (actually do the damn things – don’t just think they’re a nice idea and then forget about them).

To begin you’ll need to understand your values; especially your core value, to know what you really want from your life. Go here to do that.

That’s is why you won’t be satisfied with the coke binge and 6 blowjobs a day. It doesn’t align with your highest values.

People care about things like contribution, family, freedom, and legacy… doing fulfilling work to meet those values is what will make you content.

So you get to map out what your ‘Perfect Day’ looks like. Then you can get to work on creating it.


The scientific reason you should design your ‘Perfect Day’

Scientifically speaking, doing the ‘Perfect Day’ exercise is just goal setting and visualisation, applied to how you spend your time and live your life.

Something every high achiever does in basically any area you choose to look at. You’re just applying it to designing the kind of life you want to live.

You’re giving the brain something to aim at, by clearly defining what success means to you. What you’re actually striving for.

This creates a filter to make decisions through. Is this thing taking me towards my goals or not?

With a clear destination, you can devise a plan to get there. Your reticular activating system will become attuned to looking for the opportunities you seek.

You’ll start to build the habits that create your perfect day, embedding new patterns in your nervous system that make permanent changes to your reality.

Like anything else… You decide to get fit, start going to the gym and eating right… do it every day for a few months and it has become your new reality.

It’s a habit now, that you do without realising you’re doing it.


How to design your ‘Perfect Day’

I can’t remember who originated this exercise, so unfortunately can’t credit. I tried Google but it’s a cluster fuck of useless.

Anyway, to properly design your perfect day you want to run through the perfect day in as much detail as possible. By breaking it down into small chunks of time, and by being very detailed in what you write.

You’re creating a vision.

I started this post talking about movie scripts, because that is what you want to create. You want to have such a clear vision when you’ve finished, that you can see it play, in full detail, as a movie in your head.

Engage every sense, include the emotions you will be feeling, include dialogue, be as detailed as possible.


The ‘Perfect Day’ Exercise

Grab some paper and a pen. As ever with these exercises there is significant benefit to actually writing it out by hand.

Write down the time you would love to wake up on your ‘Perfect Day’. Then divide the rest of the day into 15 minute increments, until the time you go to sleep on your ‘Perfect Day’.

I suggest doing it as you go along, so you don’t limit what you write by running out of space.

To do this properly you need to set aside an hour or two. Be relaxed and in the moment, so the weekend is probably best when you don’t have work stress.

Put on some relaxing music, turn your phone off, and get to writing.

As you do this, you want to really live it. Feel it and engage the emotions as if you’re actually doing it this moment.

Write literally everything you do during your ‘Perfect Day’.


From the moment you wake up…

Do you wake naturally or by alarm?

What time is it?

Are you alone or with someone? What do you or she say? How does that make you feel?

Do you roll over and fuck?

What’s the first thought you have?

How does your bed feel, before you get out of it?

What do you see? Is the sunlight streaming through the window?

Hear birds chirping?

Can you smell your girl brewing coffee for you downstairs?


The next block of time will probably be mundane things like getting dressed, brushing your teeth, etc.  Don’t skip it.

The mundane is important. This isn’t supposed to be a fantasy. Ground it in reality by going through the motions of the mundane tasks that actually happen in real life.


So you’re getting dressed…

What kind of outfit do you put on?

How do you feel looking in the mirror?

What’re you thinking about? Plans for the day?


I’m not going to give instructions for every block of time. This post will end up being way too long.

Obviously some things will draw out across multiple blocks of time. For example you might go to the gym, that will take 90 mins –  2 hours including getting there and back, showering, etc.

I’ll give a couple more examples so you get the idea. Then apply it to whatever YOU want to happen in your perfect day.

Keep it realistic.

How many separate things you do will depend on what you want your day to look like.



Where do you eat?

Who are you with? How is the conversation? What do you talk about? Laughter?

What do you eat? Who cooks? Who serves?

How does the food smell? Taste? Look?

How is the environment around you? Are you at home? Restaurant?

What’s the view? Who else is around? The atmosphere? Is the chick on the next table checking you out?


Spending time with a girl…

Is it a first date? Steady girlfriend?

How does she look? Smell? 

How do you feel around her?

How does she interact with you? Treat you?

What do you do?

What do you talk about?

Where are you? What’s going on in the environment?

Can you feel the connection with her?

How does it feel physically? Emotionally?


Achieving your ‘Perfect Day’

The first time I did this exercise I moved in the right direction, but it never fully came to fruition.

The second time I did it, it came almost exactly true about 5 months later.

Subsequently, I can map a Perfect Day and meet it within the month.

This is partly because I’ve become better at knowing what I want. The reason I never met it the first time is because I wrote things I thought I wanted, but didn’t actually want.

I didn’t do the work to achieve them, because it wasn’t actually important for me.

Secondly, the more you develop yourself and your life, the closer you will already be to your Perfect Day.

I live a fucking great life already, and the vast majority of my life is exactly how I want it to be, so my Perfect Day is always within reach.

Of course, it wasn’t always like that. This is on the back of years of struggle to get here. If you’re not nearly where you want to be, it is going to take time to make significant changes.

Look at the exercise as a tool, that helps you move in the right direction. It doesn’t have to come exactly true for it to be useful.

Especially if you’re aiming for lofty goals…

“Aim for the stars; even if you miss, you’ll still be flying”.


Doing the work…

I know this exercise is popular in the law of attraction community.

You need to understand that this is just a tool. It gives you the vision, to set off in the right direction.

That’s step 1.

Now you need to go and do the work.

YOU need to make it happen. Nobody else will.

Every action that takes you a step closer to making the ‘Perfect Day’ a reality is a win.

Even if you only achieve 10% of it in the next 6 months… that’s a 10% improvement in your daily  life. That’s pretty damn significant.

Stretch it out over a few years and see what happens…


Your ‘Perfect Day’ will change over time

As you reach different stages in life, the perfect day will evolve.

As you develop as a person, you are entirely different from one year to the next, so your desires will change.

You’ll have major life events that significantly alter what your perfect day will look like; such as starting a new business, moving or travelling, getting in a serious relationship, having kids, etc.

They’re all going to totally change what your perfect day will look like, so you’ll want to revisit this exercise every year or so.

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