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Pro Niche Site Review (Make Passive Income)

This is my Pro Niche Site review. Pro Niche Site is a training product from Kyle at This is Trouble that teaches you how to build out a small niche website that makes you passive income.

You can check out Pro Niche Site by clicking here.

What is a niche site?

A niche site is a small website about one specific topic.

This website you’e reading now is the opposite of a niche site. I talk about everything that interests me; fitness, dating, psychology, self development, business, marketing, travel, and probably some other things I forgot about.

A niche site is about one specific topic. To use one of Kyle’s sites as an example; it is about travelling and living in Ukraine.

Not just being an expar, but specifically about one country.

That means all of the content is very targeted, and it follows that if you’re interested in moving to Ukraine, that site is the one stop shop for everything you could possibly want to know.


Why make a niche site?

You might want to make a niche site because it is an easy introduction to online business, and it generates passive income.

I know a number of people who have big, multi-topic websites like this one, and without fail it always took 3 years to make any money worth even mentioning, and about 4 years to make enough to live off (still not a lot).

My site is around 3 years old right now, and I am just starting to get good traction in the search engines.

A niche site is much quicker and easier to make money from, because all of the posts are about the same topic, it quickly ranks and becomes an authority in Google.

It’s also a lot easier to compete and gain traffic – provided you’ve done the keyword research as laid out in Pro Niche Site.


What are the advantages of a niche site?

The niche site can begin making money very quickly, and while you will not likely ever make a fortune, the return on time invested can be good.

You will generate passive income. Once the upfront work is done, and the posts are written, they will continue to pay you, month after month.

The niche site is focused on the niche topic at hand, rather than a personality (like this site), which means you could even outsource the writing to someone else.

Provided the site has great content that helps people, it will be successful. You can hire cheap writers, give them titles and just manage the business.

This is a huge advantage if you’re busy, have a full-time job, or just want to dip your toe into making money online without spending a lot of time doing it.

In Pro Niche Site Kyle teaches you how to do all of the planning and research, and even how to find and hire good writers who can create the content for you.


Should you start with a niche site?

I often recommend a freelance service business as the best place to start an online business, and I stand by that. It is the lowest barrier to entry, and you can be profitable from day one.

The disadvantage of this business is that you’re selling your time/workload.

The niche site is much more leveraged and will be a better fit for some people. If you need money ASAP, stick with a freelance business.

If you have a full-time job, already have an income, or want to build something more leveraged and passive, then start with a niche site.

It will take a little longer to make money, but once you start bringing income in, it will keep coming, even if you do no further work. Long term, it’s a better business – as long as you don’t starve to death in the mean time.


Your first niche site

The beauty of Pro Niche Site is that it explains in a step-by-step format exactly how to plan, research, and build your niche website.

If you’re unsure of which niche to choose, Kyle shows you how to research and figure out potentially profitable avenues.

Don’t make the mistake he made, and start a site that generates traffic, but little income because it’s not a ‘buyers market’.

Once you have a plan in place you need to do the technical work of buying and hosting the website, building the design and setting it up.

This is a sticking point for many people, and the clear instructions in the Pro Niche Site training will walk you through every stage, so you’re not left wondering how on earth to deal with all this technology you don’t understand.


How long does it take to build a niche site?

You could realistically build a site out in a weekend, even if you have little or no experience building websites.

The research and planning phase is important, and will take as long as it takes for you to find a great idea, using the techniques Kyle shows in the training.

From there you could build a whole site in a week or two and be done with it, or just work on it for 30 minutes per day over a few months.

Whether you have a lot of time or a little, you can always dip in and out of the project. Once it starts making you money, you’ll probably be motivated to keep making content and growing it even bigger.


Inside Pro Niche Site

The training is Pro Niche Site is delivered in video lectures, where Kyle walks you through exactly what to do, and why.

He often pulls back the curtain and gives you a peak inside his own profitable sites, so you can be sure everything in Pro Niche Site is legit.

He’s actually built these sites and makes money from them.

Pro Niche Site Review


Trainings are delivered on a weekly basis, so you can go through and implement.

Information is worthless if you don’t take action on it, and over my years as a coach I’ve come to recognise that information overload and overwhelm are the biggest killer of people’s progress.

In the internet era nobody is lacking information. The problem is that everybody knows too much, and does too little.

The weekly drip of actionable content ensure that you have 1-2 key things to go and do, without getting overwhelmed. By the end of the course, you have your own income generating website.


Pro Niche Site Review


Pro Niche Site free video training

Is Pro Niche Site for you?

I don’t know.

Luckily, Kyle put together a free 6-part training series so you can see what it is all about, and decide if you think this is what you’re looking for.

If you want to access the free video trainings click here.

Pro Niche Site Review



My first niche site & what I’m going to do with it after studying pro niche site

I actually created my first attempt at a niche website about 3 years ago. Here it is below:

Pro Niche Site Review


It looks like crap, and I gave up on it after 2 weeks for one simple reason:

I didn’t know how to monetise it.

Going through the Pro Niche Site trainings has inspired me to revive it. Now I know how to make money with niche sites, understand a lot more about how to get traffic, write great content, and optimise for search engine rankings, thanks to the Pro Niche Site trainings.

(I’m happy sharing this because of how niche it is – most people reading this won’t be an expert in mobility for Olympic weightlifting, so I’m not overly worried about you ripping it off).

I’ll update this post in a couple of months after I’ve worked on the site with everything I learnt in Pro Niche Site.


Get Pro Niche Site

If you want to check Pro Niche Site out and start generating passive income from your very own small website click here.

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