The Best Gym in Chiang Mai for Serious Trainees

The Best Gym in Chiang Mai for Serious Trainees

What is the best gym in Chiang Mai?

In this video and post I lay out the best gym in Chiang Mai, for people who take training seriously.


Chiang Mai has an abundance of gyms and there are numerous articles out there on Google claiming to list the ‘best gym’.

What qualifies somewhere as being the ‘best gym’ is subjective and may mean different things to different people. This post is for people who take their training seriously and want a gym that accommodates their needs.

I will give recommendations based primarily on:

  • Equipment (relevant for your goals)
  • Atmosphere
  • Price

Location, cleanliness and the like are of lesser concern for those of us who train seriously. Yes, there is a hotel gym next door that has nice aircon, a brand new set of treadmills and is sparkly clean…

And yes, I am still going to drive to the other side of the city to go to a ‘proper gym’.

I’ll split this post based on the type of training you are looking for.

  • The best gym for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Calisthenics & general training
  • The best gym for Olympic lifting, Crossfit, Gymnastics & something fun
The best gym in Chiang Mai

Just hanging around at Crossfit Chiang Mai

The best gym in Chiang Mai for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Calisthenics & general training

The best gym for bodybuilding, powerlifting, calisthenics and general trainees is Go Gym.


  • 2 squat racks
  • pull up bars
  • dip stations
  • leg press
  • bench press
  • numerous olympic bars
  • heavy dumbbells
  • numerous benches
  • machines for everything
  • cardio area
  • calisthenics bars
  • climbing rope
  • MMA ring
  • Basically everything you could want


How to find Go Gym Chiang Mai

Go Gym is located just off the superhighway at the north of the city. The turn is immediately after the gas station.

Go GYM Chiangmai,
Chang Phueak,
Chiang Mai 50300,
See on Google Maps


Go Gym is extremely cheap, which is great, especially when you consider the size and amount of excellent equipment they have.

1 Day = 60 Baht
1 Month = 900 Baht

My opinion of Go Gym Chiang Mai

Go Gym is awesome. It hasn’t got the best quality bars but it has great machines. Lot’s of old school bodybuilding machines, pull over, lat raise, decent hamstring curls and all the good stuff the vast majority of gyms don’t have.

The best thing though, is the atmosphere. It’s the only place in Chiang Mai I have seen a lot of guys in great shape who train hard. Boy, do some of them train hard. They train in groups and push each other to the limit and beyond.

When I’m resting between sets I can watch other people train and it gets me fired up and motivates me. If I’m in a soulless hotel gym where nobody trains properly between sets I’ll be playing on my phone most of the time to not lose the will to live.

Highly recommended if you’re body building, they have the best equipment possible. The bars and calisthenics stuff is cool if you’re in to that. I like to ‘play’ around with that stuff but don’t take it seriously, but they have bars for every eventuality, so if you’re in to that it will be heaven.

If you’re just a general trainee, it costs 60B a session and has everything you could ever need. Perfect!?

The best gym in Chiang Mai for Olympic lifting, Crossfit, Gymnastics & something fun

The best gym for Crossfit, Olympic lifting and gymnastics is Crossfit Chiang Mai.


  • Weightlifting platforms, bars and bumpers
  • Crossfit cage
  • Gymnastics rings
  • Kettlebells
  • Mobility equipment
  • Barbells
  • Bands
  • Wall balls
  • Tires to flip
  • Prowler

How to Find Crossfit Chiang Mai

Crossfit Chiang Mai is also located just off the super highway, a little further down than Go Gym.

48/1 Chiang Mai-Lampang Road (Superhighway)
Muang, Chiang Mai, 50300
See on Google maps


Crossfit Chiang Mai is not the cheapest gym by a long way, but it is more than worth the money for the specialist equipment and awesome atmosphere (plus coaching!) if you are in to Crossfit or Weightlifting.

1 Month = 2,700 Baht

More info:

My opinion of Crossfit Chiang Mai

I’m a weightlifter so Crossfit Chiang Mai is the kind of place I have dreamt about for years. Open air, heat, decent bars and plates and a few platforms. Jerk blocks, chalk…everything I could need.

Aside from the equipment, its a lovely atmosphere. A real friendly place and community feel. As I don’t actually do Crossfit I never joined the classes and got the camaraderie of busting my ass with the group, but even on open gym its a cool vibe.

If you’re in to Crossfit it’s a no brainer. The coaches there are knowledgeable and friendly which makes it more than worth the money.

I also like to play on the rings and do a bit of gymnastics stuff, so I like that they have proper height rings. If you’re new to working out or a bit unsure, this would be a great place to start. Professional coaching from experienced trainers, amazing group support, atmosphere and community that makes it social as well as just putting your time in at the gym.

Bonus: the best gym in Chiang Mai for cardio

It makes no difference what so ever!

Even try going outside for a run or cycle, or hit one of the many pools for some laps.


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